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and this was AFTER I spent a half hour cleaning the snow off the coops.  It was a good 8 to 10 inches high.  Now?  Sun is out, 33° snow is melting slowly….more coming I understand this weekend though.

I could really get ‘over’ snow….this is truly like living in ND, ALASKA or Montana…..way too much this year…actually a record for February.

So there ya have it.


What a Day! ha!

Got my faith restored in humanity?  Went to Carl’s Jr. for a late lunch (more on that later) and lost my wallet on leaving.

Discovered the missing leather on my arrival at the house….drove straight back over to Carl’s Jr., not in the parking lot so I went inside and asked if it had been turned in.  YES!  They even had it in a safe! Took it out, checked the drivers license for my photo and gave it back.  And yes! all intact!

So I don’t know who found it other then a customer of Carl’s Jr. but THANK YOU THANK YOU for being such a standup human being! Forever indebted!

Now.Carl’s Jr.

A Fast Food Restaurant I haven’t visited in literally years.  Had a coupon though and so we gave it a try again.  Place is clean, menu extensive, food was quite good….had a natural burger (yeah right!) with fries a coke and a Choc Chip Cookie:  total?  about 2000 calories!  But to be fair now….it was really good.  Have you ever had a burger that really looked like the photo they show on the menu or in the ad?  I can tell you this one was not smashed and must of been four inches high….I had to bite one side at a time.

Yeah, I can now recommend Carl’s Jr again.


Yeah, soap! From my friend Gina at Wild Fire Farms in Erie, Colorado, yeah!


Click here to see all about them:  SOAP


and yes, it’s made from goats milk:


If you happen to be in the Erie area or go looking at chickens,  Please remember to ask about her soaps…and eggs, she has them as well.

Enjoy your day!

So, what am I up to this Monday, President’s Day, February 16, 2015?

I’m up! 6 a.m.!

dogs demanded their morning snack of canned dog food.

Chickens needed to be out so along with blowing snow to get to them lol, they have been checked on, given their morning treats and checked for eggs.  They aren’t happy with the snow though.

20150216_080721[1]  20150216_080927[1]

Have gotten my yogurt in the oven cooking


Next, making some homemade tortilla’s, inspired by my friend Lori for her cheese/pepper rollups and from one of many recipes on line…PERFECT FLOUR TORTILLA

Rest of the day will be building stools, yarn boxes and prepping basement for a makeover.

Did I say ‘nap’???

Why am I doing this blog?

Well, to pay it forward for projects I find and do and like.

To share my thoughts with those who have similar opinions and those that don’t as I have always believed that ‘education’ is the key to life.  You aren’t born with knowledge; you acquire knowledge throughout your life from your environment.   Your environment includes (but not limited to 🙂 ) your home/parents, schools that they have supported for you, other cultures you are exposed to (good or bad), all manner of news sources, religion, non-religion, nature and on and on.

Am I ‘right’? Only for me.

Are your ‘right’? Only for you.

So if I have brightened your day, exposed you to new thoughts and ideas, gave you pause to think, inspired you to try something new or build something or cook something … think that’s why I write this blog.


Sorta Overwhelmed As of Late

No blog in the last few days.

Was awaiting Piping Rock for their Affiliate program.  Doesn’t seem to be happening

Sibling issues 🙂


Major changes in basement residency lol

Lots of egg sales

needing to build a new roost/run for them this spring

Yeah, sorta busy at the moment but I still look at all the news sources and get my BP up at some of the shenanigans I see going on in this country.

So I’ll get back with it shortly, hang in there (my three readers lol)

Right To Die In Colorado


It’s ‘funny’ I should run across this news story regarding death with dignity.

It’s ‘tragic’ that I have an Aunt who is in hospice awaiting death.  She has a few good hours but mostly can’t remember most anything  else, has cancer and dementia and really wants to go “home”.

So I’m reading this from Channel 7 News regarding “The Right To Die”  and it really did bring it close to home.  The concern?   Even though this legislation would have required dying patients to get two doctors to sign off on their verbal and written requests to end their lives.   Then the patient would have to be found mentally competent, as well as, be able to administer the life-ending medication themselves.  With all that the legislators some doctors and ‘religious’ groups say it facilitates suicide and ends a patient’s hope of a possible recovery.

People!  If you are in your late 80’s with terminal cancer you don’t have ANY hope of recovery!!!  These folks need to be allowed death with dignity!  Come on!

So a Democrat says: “Pain medication and hospice care may successfully provide a very peaceful end, but for others who cannot find that relief from such interventions, we offer another chance, another choice,”

But OF COURSE the Republican says: “It’s well noted that the full frontal cortex in the brain is not fully developed in people until age 25. They’re not able to take a drink legally until they’re 21. Yet you have set the age in this bill at 18,”

And their point would be…….???????

In 2006 a survey showed doctor assisted suicide to be morally acceptable by 50 percent and not acceptable by 41 percent.

So, they prosecute the Doctor who helps a patient (because they can’t prosecute the patient!).

How bout some compassion and empathy?  Put the rules in place, like Washington State has, and let the patient make their decision.

It is after all their life!

More specifics on this subject

“Rustic Rose Bench”

I make benches.

This one is re purposed wood kept out of the dump…yea for us huh?

It’s about 27 x 7 1/2 x 15 high

Lots of screws and glue to make it sturdy

Not a huge bench but portable I guess

Finished with a bit of stain and Spar Urethane for out door use

Pick up local only in Aurora CO 80012

Say $35


20150204_090423     20150204_090407

20150131_074207-1  20150131_074155