Construction delays plague VA hospital in Aurora, Co.

Can anybody tell us where the money went?

From this web site

the new VA Medical Center, was supposed to be completed by April 2015

the project was going to cost about $200 million to build. However, this was because it was a joint venture with the University of Colorado Hospital.

The Department of Veterans Affairs broke off the deal with the university and decided to build the facility independently, which more than tripled the price, sending it north of $600 million.


This is a first.  I agree with two Republicans! Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman (R) and Sen. Cory Gardner (R) are introducing legislation to stop the Veterans Affairs from awarding any more bonuses until the Aurora VA hospital is fully operational.

Why do we pay government employees bonuses???

No Line by Line cost?

$622.5 million – original construction contract (this is the original estimated construction cost)

$49.5 million – design :  I had no idea architectural firms charged so much or am I wrong?

There is no line-by-line detail of how much the construction equipment and supplies cost. There is no accounting for the contractor and subcontractor work. There are no specifics that tell Congress how each dollar is spent.

Sound like indictments need to be handed out and people incarcerated to me…this is fraud and overspending at it’s worst and those in charge of it need to be held accountable.