Free Software???

I just ran across this while considering upgrading my MEDIAMONKEY software.  TrialPay.

Looks good….just sign up and buy something from the other vendors and you get the upgrade FREE (yeah 🙂 )

So doing a bit of googling…..I came up with this explanation which looks pretty good.

Bottom line?  Probably not a good idea.



a day

What a day. Susie with a cold, funeral for a friend, nap and BONES marathon the rest of the day. I’m  tired.

Mother’s Day Tomorrow and Snowing Today here in Colorado

But things are good.  Here at the Kings Micro Farm the girls are covered and secured for the night.  Made sure they had water and feed and a little treat to get them through the night.

Temperature has dropped to 33° and we’ve had almost an inch of moisture today….  .86 inches anyhow.

More tomorrow apparently then a couple days of sun and back to rain Wed and Thurs.  Good news!  Grass is growing like crazy.

None of my projects are getting done though.  And I have a few.  Repair a bed frame, build a patio cover, bring in and spread a truck load of mulch, finish my commissioned CO/USA!20150427_185816

And Sunday is a really VERY busy day.  Lots to do!  But will get my honey back home so it’s worth it.

Snow is still coming down. Sticking….whewwwwwww…..oh well….TV TIME!