Coop Building

been spending some time creating a new coop for a friend.  Had an existing cover to use and we’ve been having fun scouting up materials and hammering and cutting and screwing and redoing! for a few days now.

Looking pretty good actually and we’re having a great time doing it.

Can’t forget my own coop though.  Need to ensure it is ready for winter as well.

Hope all is well with the rest of my chicken friends!20150216_080927[1]


Senior Citizens Police Academy-Aurora CO


Yes!  I signed up!  Had my first class today.  Learned about patrol mostly but also about how many Officers are on the beat each day and you know what? There aren’t enough!

Got 11 weeks of class (just a day a week though).  Loved the Officer’s presentations and give and take with the class members.  We even have a South Korean Police Officer visiting and taking the class….woo hoo!!!!

For those who have said “I support our men in blue” (or something to that effect anyway), what are you doing about it? Seriously?  Just mouthing the words isn’t enough.  Isn’t for me and shouldn’t be for you.  Yes, I’m retired and can do this….lucky me, huh?

So let’s see how it goes.  I did manage to drag a friend along with me and it should be a hoot with my friend as well! Looking forward to it.