Bills from Colorado

Yes, HB 16-1085 (Reclaim the Name) was signed by the Governor on Thursday. This bill was suggested by Toni Chappell from Grand Junction. It vastly simplifies the process for a divorced person to change back to a previous name if they choose to do that at a time after the divorce is final.

Makes sense to me.

How about the budget?

The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) is comprised of 3 Representatives and 3 Senators. Because the control is split, there are 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats on the JBC. The committee starts meeting in November.

Want to know where you money goes?  JBC NARRATIVE

Oh, about that Hospital Provider Fee: A bill to remove the HPF from the caps and turn it into an enterprise fund has been introduced, HB16-1420. The bill was scheduled for debate on Thursday but we ran out of time so it is now on the calendar for Monday April 4. If 1420 passes, a companion bill, HB16-1421, will restore the cuts to the HPF and transportation. It also restores $16 million in severance tax that was swept into the general fund last year. This is good for western Colorado. The negative factor will also be reduced.

Budget Bill Eliminates TABOR refunds, slashes spending