Block Grants to fix the deficit??

 Turn poverty programs into block grants for states.  The federal government spends about 5% of its budget on programs designed to improve the income and nutrition of poor people.  Supplemental Nutrition, better known as Food Stamps, costs $83 billion annually; Supplemental Security Income costs $54 billion; targeted child nutrition initiatives such as the National School Lunch Program cost $19 billion.  CBO proposes in this option that such programs be converted from federally-based efforts to block grants for states, and that inflation-adjusted funding (purchasing power) be reduced to that prevailing for each program in 2007 — before the recent recession.  This option reflects the fact that the economy has been recovering for four years, and that states are better at tailoring solutions to local circumstances than Washington is.  Total savings over ten years: $404 billion.

I have a problem with the Republicans continuing to kill food for hungry kids…..that just me?  I don’t understand how giving block grants reduces spending other then by allowing Republican State Legislators to starve people!


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