Double Dipping….oh yeah!

Check this out….this should REALLY make the services happy!  (Though I am for this one)

It will never happen though, there will be such an uproar that the GOP would be run out of office.  You usually can’t take something back that you have already given.

4. Eliminate concurrent receipt of retirement and disability benefits by veterans.  Back when compensation levels for the All Volunteer Force were still closely aligned with private-sector labor costs, veterans had to make a choice between receiving retirement pay and compensation for disabilities that were incurred or made worse as a result of military service.  Starting in 2003, policies were changed to allow concurrent receipt of both benefits, without one offsetting the other in determining total compensation.  Under this savings option, CBO proposes that the government revert back to the old system so that “disabled veterans would no longer be compensated twice for their service.”  Without delving into the intricacies of the military benefits system, which are extensive, CBO estimates annual savings from implementing this option would average $14 billion annually after 2020.  Total savings over ten years: $108 billion.


One thought on “Double Dipping….oh yeah!

  1. I have to ask, those men and women served for our country. Why don’t they deserve double for being hurt? If it weren’t for them, wet wouldn’t have all the freedoms we have. I say let them have both concurrent…..


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