See how one couple converted a 80-square-foot airport van into a cozy home

Had I the means and want to when I was that age! 🙂


Texas oil fields rebound, but jobs are left behind

‘With the loss of manual jobs has come a transformation in the job force, with demand growing for more data analysts, math scientists, communications specialists and robotic design engineers. In the last two years, ABB, the Swiss technology company, has opened two plants in Houston for assembling and packaging robotics and integrating advanced instrumentation into oil field operations.’

The way that I see it?  If Trump would quit catering to the most common denominator and read something like this?  He would push education and re training (like HC wanted to???) and that would make sense.  But instead? He just talks….hopefully within a 24 month period the common denominators will see through this and put the Democrats back in control so that something can really be done.  The Republicans have proven time and time again, they do not understand how to govern.

Colorado Senate GOP Kills Consumer Safety Legislation

From Senator Nancy Todd
On Thursday, Republican Senators Tim Neville, Jack Tate, and Owen Hill killed my bill, SB17-038. This bill would have implemented safeguards to offer protection and recourse against fraudulent home inspectors. 

My bill was supported by realtors, contractors, home inspectors, consumers, and the ArapahoeCounty Sheriff. Despite the large support for my bill, Republican Senators in the Senate Finance Committee have decided that this bare minimum safeguard for consumers was “over regulation”. Please take the time to read the letter written by the Arapahoe County Sheriff on why SB17-038 is needed. 

I am extremely disappointed that Senators Neville, Tate, and Hill have decided that partisan squabble is more pertinent than public safety.  

Interviewing with FOX 31

If you missed it, come check out my interview and segment with FOX 31 on the problems fraudulent home inspectors produce with the link below:

On National Health Insurance

Why is it the Republicans are so against health care for everyone?

Make Medicare the national healthcare standard

Everyone with a W-2 has the premiums deducted from pay checks

Everyone without a W-2 still pays same way they pay for car insurance

Or, establish a national sales tax to pay for it all.

Medicare is up and running, is proven to work, approximately a third of all citizens are present on it or Medicaid.  Combine the two!


What’s so difficult about it?

Then allow the insurance companies to opt in if they so desire like Kaiser does.

destination-based cash flow tax with border adjustment


Among Washington’s lobbying shops and policy analysis crowd, it’s known as a “destination-based cash flow tax with border adjustment.”

“As Jared Bernstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has noted, we don’t really know what the distributional consequences of this tax overhaul would be. It could increase the costs of imported goods that the poor spend a disproportionate portion of their income on, like clothing and gasoline. That would be bad news for poorer Americans even as it makes the overall economy more efficient.”

“Consider what border adjustment means: When an American company exports goods under this new tax system, it would not pay any taxes on its international sales, while its imports would be taxed. So a company that spent $80 making something that it sold overseas for $100 would pay no tax on its earnings. A company that imported goods worth $80 from abroad and them sold them domestically for $100 would pay tax on the full $100.”

What’s more, global markets in oil and other commodities are priced in dollars, so a dollar spike could unleash hard-to-predict reactions from commodity producers. Oil would become much more expensive, and oil price shocks have helped set off recessions in the not-too-distant past.

Perhaps the most irony-rich consequence of such a tax overhaul — which would, presumably, be signed by President Trump — would be the damage to the tourism and education sectors in the United States. These businesses would have a serious problem, unlike conventional exporters — companies that ship things overseas, say.

For the exporters, the disadvantages caused by a run-up in the dollar would just cancel out the advantage received from changes in the tax system. But businesses that are not exporting anything across the border would suffer from the damage of a more expensive dollar without receiving advantages from border adjustment.

As Stan Veuger of the American Enterprise Institute has noted, that applies to any organization that serves a large number of foreign customers within the United States’ borders. Think of, say, a Trump international hotel, or amusement parks like Disney World, or any American university that bolsters its finances with foreign enrollment at full-price tuition.

All of these sectors would see their prices rise because of the dollar run-up, without any countervailing tax benefit.