I ‘refound’ this book on my bookshelf the other day and begin to read it.  It’s a good inch and a 1/4 thick.  Real history. SMALL PRINT!  So you have to concentrate on it when you are reading.

One aspect I found very interesting was regarding healthcare in the 18th century.  On page 22, paragraph three it refers to Meriwether Lewis’s father, was crossing the Rivanna River where his horse was swept away and he survived from drowning only to succumb to pneumonia in two days!

“People in the late eighteenth century were helpless in matters of health.  They lived in constant dread of sudden death from disease, plague, epidemic, pneumonia or accident.” So their letters usually contained references about the health of the recipient.  And of course, only by letter could they be informed of the health of the family which took days and if not weeks or months to travel back and forth.  Very interesting.

Also there was no public schools…..(in eighteenth-century Virginia, pg 25 second paragraph). Education was obtained by boarding with teachers, almost aways preachers or parsons.  Wow….

More to learn here.


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