These are the faces of deportations under Trump

Think about this.  Is Trump creating a new generation of terrorists?

As his attorney scrambles to halt Ortiz’s deportation, the construction worker has become the latest face of President Trump’s deportation program, which calls for rounding up non-violent undocumented immigrants who would not have been deported under former president Barack Obama’s policy.
“When my son watches the news, he says, ‘Look, the people who took my papi,'” Ortiz’s wife Francis said, referring to their son, Angel, 6. “He is everything to this family. My whole world is missing. Trump has destroyed the lives of many people in my situation.”


Women’s Rights

Unbelievable….but this is the GOP:


When Republican Senate President Keith Faber was asked why he advanced such a clearly unconstitutional bill — he said, “new president, new Supreme Court justice appointees change the dynamic.

Yes, you read that right. Ohio Republicans have shed all pretense; they believe politicians should intervene in this most personal of decisions — whether a woman decides to become a parent or not. They think like Trump does — that women should be punished for making this decision.

We can’t wait until after Trump’s inauguration to start fighting back.

Gov. Kasich: VETO THIS BILL – – Gmail

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